Burning Seldoorn

Hunting for the Right Cave

Broon was passed a note by an urchin from his apothecary friend. Apparently the apothecary was being held hostage by some thugs. The thugs turned out to be Orgunn and his crew, who was trying to patch up his one badly injured crewman still struggling to live. After a tense stand off, finally Orgunn told the crew that he worked for the Castiron Cartel in exchange for Broon patching up his crewman. Orgunn said he delivered a cargo to the roden, and that his business was concluded. Broon and Zak parted ways with him awkwardly, and he indicated he’d be leaving port post haste.

Zak and Broon, aided by Jurgen where he could, went around digging into the nature of roden warrens beneath Seldoorn. After finidng some maps and information, Zak contacted an old acquaintance, Ursula, from his childhood in the Runs. Ursula had gotten old, but gave them some information about how Nicklos, once a crime lord in the Runs had fallen from power, but his hideout was rumored to have been taken over by roden. She also knew where caves leading to this warren started, and had an urchin guide Zak, Broon and Jurgen to this enterance.


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