Rekfous, Prime of Seldoorn



Rekfous is an aging man, trying but failing to retain his vigor. He looks prepetually tired and worn, but his eyes tell you, he is always trying to be three steps of everyone else.


Rekfous became the Duke when he was in his early twenties, and by thirty, he was brimming with an overabundance of ambition. He led a separatist war against Ytre, and successfully ceded his remote Duchy from that distant land. His lands became the Principality of Sledoorn.

Rekfous is now an aging man, his vigor and strength waning, but his ambition remains. many whisper that his grip on Seldoorn is slipping, and no heir is apparent. This leaves many questions hanging in the air.

Rekfous, Prime of Seldoorn

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