Burning Seldoorn

Interlude: Ragmir's Fate

With an opportunity to confer with Rekfous, Broon decided to try to define the fate of Ragmir’s Forge. Rekfous was willing to listen to his request for discussing the dwarven reclamation of the mountain, but would only do so in his council, it being such a far reaching decision. Broon found Bryan DeVon to get some support in his debate.

The parties gathered in the Prime’s meeting hall. Viktor was particularly worried about foreign troops on Seldoorn soil. Broon countered that he’d been a trustworthy ally. Rekfous’ advisors were also concerned that there’d be an autonomous group that did not pay their fair share, and Broon countered that in the end, if they didn’t get some reliable folks on their side, they’d be outnumbered by enemies within Seldoorn. Although Rekfous agreed to support the dwarven reclamation of Ragmir’s Forge, he did agree with his counselors, that some kind of tax would have to be levied on any who reside in his realm.

Zakarias got a new spell, Jurgen practiced his marksmanship a while, and Broon worked on his… Broon things.

In the middle of a snow squall, Konrad, faithful of the old gods, lands in Seldoorn. He found his old buddy Jurgen, who immediately showed off his newfound pistol to him. Konrad was looking for work, so Jurgen introduced Konrad to Broon and Zakarius. The duo was planning on heading to ZInnen, while Konrad was hoping to find traction for his old religion in Seldoorn proper, though was advised by Broon that the other major churches may not take kindly to a new major player.

In preparation to head out to ZInnen, the group tried to get Bryan to lend them a cover by having them ship his wares. He was reluctant to do so, and wanted money up front rather than just hand them a bunch of his product. The group convinced him in the end that it was better for him if he just hooked them up with cargo, and he agreed as long as they took care of transporting and loading of the cargo onto the ship themselves.


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