Burning Seldoorn

Arrival in Zinnen

Jurgen sailed the group into Zinnen harbor largely uneventfully. The harbor was filled with small fishing vessels, and on pier able to host larger ships like that of the party’s. The village of Zinnen boated a few hundred houses, with a small town center of a temple to Hof, a tavern, and town hall.

The crew headed into the Sinking Ship tavern. They walked into a crowded room, and immediately noted Orgunn and a female elf sitting in one corner. Zakarias stared a little too long, and the elf stormed up to him challenging him. Zakarias tried to make a polite excuse, but she made to knee him. Zak blasted her with shards, bowling her over in agony. Konrad tried to go to her aid, but she pushed him away and stormed off, telling Zak that he’d made a mistake.

Orgunn was meanwhile greatly amused by this whole exchange. Broon approached him, and tried to see if he’d be interested in dealing business. Orgunn told him to buy a round for the bar, but Broon tried to weasel out of it saying Orgunn must have the money for such largesse. In the end, Broon decided to try to impress the crowd with his bag of gold, and shelled out for a party. This was very well received by the locals. Orgunn also informed him that he’d be by at sundown to deal.

Meanwhile, back at the ship, Konrad was working on some tasks Jurgen put him to. A priest of Hof came by looking for him, and yelled up at the ship about how Konrad’s cousin had been captured and would be put to an ordeal for having betrayed the faith. Konrad hid under some tarps.

Zak suggested they introduce themselves to the local lord, and see if he could intercede on their behalf. The group trouped up to Lord Zinnen’s estate at the center of town, and they were received by a men at arms who said that Alfonz, Lord Zinnen, would see them. The group tried to convince Lord Zinnen to help them with secular backing to see Konrad’s friend Sebastian, but he said he would not risk the ire of the church. He did give the group access to his maps. Broon dug into the circumstances around Anise, and it became obvious Alfonz was hiding something. With a bit of dwarven persuasion, the Lord came clean that when he was young, he has a relationship with her, but that they had since broken it off… he seemed unhappy about that turn of affairs, but commented that he needed human heirs to rule after him.

The party made copies of the maps available to them, then returned to their ship to deal with Orgunn’s merchant party.

Orgunn brought along several hands, including Anise and a veteran named Rosko. Rosko evaluated the horseshoes, and said they were good enough. Orgunn offered to buy 100 sets. Zak made an overture about how they could supply him with more, and that they were looking to start a business venture, but Orgunn was unconvinced. Anise outright took offense, and threatened violence. Broon soothed Orgunn with platitudes, convincing him to hold Anise from actually starting a fight. Orgunn agreed to buy what he asked for, but said he’d have no further dealings… as Anise, in his opinion, was in fact right. Broon did manage to talk the price up some, and there was coin left to share among the group.


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