Burning Seldoorn

Alabaster's Downfall

Broon, Zak and Jurgen stared into the maw of the cave system under Seldoorn that Alabaster and his clan were supposedly hiding in. Zak tried yet again to cast Turn Aside the Blade, with no success, so the group headed on in. Jurgen took the lead, trying to prove useful, and claiming to know the lay of the land, but promptly lead the group down some random tunnels to who knows where. Broon heard an ambush forming, and so the party charged into the darkness. Roden skittered away at the edge of visibility, scoring several hits on Jurgen with throwing knives, but finally Zak lead the charge into the group of roden. One ate a crossbow bolt, two others were blasted with shards, and the part then scattered the injured roden, capturing one. They dragged it aside, and Broon patched it up well enough so it would survive until it could be properly interrogated above ground. Rather than pursue Alabaster, they decided to retreat and turn over their captive to Lorne or Viktor.

Broon, Zak and Jurgen showed up at Lorne’s office with a bundled up Roden. Lorne was immediately concerned, and led the group in rounding up Viktor and Rekfous. Viktor was not easily found, but then the roden started giggling, and declared that they were too late, and that their reign was about to end. Jurgen was told to take the roden back to Broon’s, while Zak and Broon ran for the throne room. After the group ran into several dead guards in the corridors, Lorne peeled off to find more guards and raise an alarm.

Broon and Zak arrived at the throne room, with two roden guarding the gate in. Broon dropped one with his crossbow, but the other began slicing up the duo in melee. Although the roden was quick and hard to catch, it tired just a bit faster than the human and dwarf. With the duo working in tandem, Zak lured the roden out of position, Broon shoved him out the throne room doors, and they barred the the roden outside.

A grey fog swirled throughout the room, and neither Broon nor Zak could see what was going on in the far end of the room, but fighting was going on, and Rekfous was calling out for guards. They wasted no further time, and stormed across the room. They arrived just in time to see Alabaster, the albino roden, execute the last of Rekfous’ guards, and backing the old Prime into the corner. Zak yelled at Rekfous to run, while him and Broon engaged Alabaster. Although Alabaster moved quickly, and had the advantage initially, Broon managed to avoid being skewered and nicked the roden in the first pass of the fight. Continuing his swing around for a second pass, Broon channeled all his desire to see the return of dwarves to Ragmir’s Forge into a strike, and sliced through Alabaster’s torso, dropping the roden in a bloody heap to the ground.

Viktor arrived just about then with more guards. Rekfous issued some orders to clear and secure the area, but the crisis was over.


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