Burning Seldoorn

A New Avenue

The events in Zinnen took an awkward turn, and the the crew abandoned their search for the Castiron Cartel. We catch up with them six months later…

Zacharius has a grand vision on what the Duchy must do to survive coming turmoil. Building must happen! Zach and Broon go to the Small Council and argue for funding of a new project to improve infrastructure in Seldoorn. They want roads, especially between Mawhold and Seldoorn, as well as outposts to defend against incursions. Master of Coin Lucas is not happy about shelling out coin and argues that they should fund themselves with other’s money, if they want all this infrastructure. Zacharius makes a very solid case, and despite support from the Senechal Lorne, Lucas’ case is defeated. Zacharius and Broon concede that as part of the construction efforts they would secure moeny from Mawhold, given that it will also benefit the Baroness’ lands.

Broon, having argued for the need for skilled craftsmen and particularly craftsdwarves, goes about starting to recruit from his old aquaintances to help construction. He recalls a fellow from the Dwarven Host who had been a Hallmaster once, and drafted a letter to him to summon him to aid in the construction efforts. The letter was poorly worded, but the promise of ancient dwarven ruins and the opportunity to show off to humans must have been enough to entice the fellow along. Zacharius then went looking for Captain Jurgen to send him off with the letter and bring back the dwarven Hallmaster.

Jurgen was to be found in the Northen Bell Tavern, drunk, having beer with a roden, and shooting his pistol at the dartboard. He was down to two shots by the time he was found. Zacharius asked him if he had a vessel and could deliver the letter, and Jurgen said it would not be a problem, he had a ship, small though it was. Broon, in addition to the ferrying of his comrade, asked Jurgen to sell a small lot of goods for him so he could get some cash on hand for further purchases down the line.

Zacharius and Cini, the roden, then carried on a conversation about resources below the Runs. Zacharius pointed out that there were many abandoned places that just got buried or built on top of that had perfectly good structural material not being used. Cini was immediately concerned that Zacharius’ plan would lead to instability and collapses in the roden warrens, and vehemently opposed the idea, suggesting cheap stone could be found elsewhere. Zacharius clarified, over a lengthy conversation, that he had no intention of destabilizing the Runs, just wanted unused material lying about easy for the pickings. Cini slowly came around, and agreed that his idea might just be useful, and perhaps could even elevate the lot of the roden.


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