There are two schools of magic. The Gravians pull forth magical ether with crafted words. They are generally respected, and form scholarly communities. By no means are Gravians common, but in a city, they are not too hard to find. The Athanar rely on gesture. They are viewed as cultish, and seen with suspicion. Their art is not substantially different, but in the common consciousness their strange motions, and their silence in casting are seen as malevolent.

Gravians are the ‘scholastic’ sorcerers of the world. They study the arcane as a science, and build libraries of tomes when they can. They are generally an accepted part of society, and serve both as a clearing house of knowledge, and as a community of intellectual problem solvers.

Gravians generally wear what one would imagine a stodgy old medieval professor to wear, heavy, long boring robes, often a mortar board for a hat, and little in the way of flash. They tend to stand apart from the crowds, and keep to their own. They are this way more as a matter of their reclusive personalities, and when need arises, are often present to lend a hand.

Athanar view sorcery as more art than science, but beyond that, believe that their art steals power from where it does not belong. Whether or not this is true, this makes Athanar a secretive lot, as they believe their power is stolen from dark and evil places to be put to the Athanar’s own purposes. Whether these are light or dark depends on the particular cabal of Athanar. Athanar cabals are deeply loyal to one another in a tight knit brotherhood, but cabals can run into conflicts with one another.

Athanar cabals often travel or work in the guise of traveling troupes of actors and entertainers. They even use their dances to disguise the practice of some of their magics, and old spells are said to be hidden in some well known acts. Athanar are a suspicious lot, and thus are often treated with fear and derision when they are found out. Sometimes even regular acting troupes suffer from the Athanar’s poor reputation. But much of this is the Athanar’s own doing.


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