Faith affects all (just to make things simple). Gods can be asked for boons large and small. Below are the big players. Their Faithful are rare, but not unheard of. Maybe one or two of each live in the Principality. A multitude of minor gods and deities are worshipped, but are not worthy of mention. None of them has ever had a Faithful walk in Seldoorn.

Ragmir: A deity believed to be an ancient dwarf risen to godhood, once the master of forges in Ragmir’s Forge. He is a master of metal craft, engineering, and mining. He is worshipped by many of those involved in those fields. He extols the virtues of hard work as a reward onto itself, though believers often look forward to making hard work turn into a reward of gold. Dwarves all disavow this deity as being a dwarf.

Arga: The androgynous god of independence and freedom is the state deity. Arga advises all to strive for personal and collective freedom from oppression. Arga extols virtues commonly seen as “good,” kindness, justice, but first and foremost independence. Those among the working class who worship Arga aspire to independence, or see themselves as independent, despite not being so. The majority of Arga’s worshippers are found among the nobility, who see themselves as having freed the masses from Ytreian oppression, or as protecting their citizens from some other oppression imagined or otherwise. Many in the military worship Arga.

Hof: The god of all things winter, and those who hunt in it. Hof is said to blow the cold northern winds, and it’s in his name hunters taken on their greatest quarries. Hof is often seen as massive polar bear. To best one of his ‘grandchildren,’ actual polar bears, is seen as the greatest accomplishment a hunter can achieve. Hof provides for those who prepare, and for those who are brave.

Penz: A mercantile god, popular in the moderate sized middle class of traders and merchants. Penz is worshipped to bring good deals, and great bargains. Penz is also asked for blessings by sailors for good winds in their trade missions, and for safe waters. This sometimes brings Penz into conflict with Hof, who is said to bring the icebergs, the stealthy shipslayers of Lake Cyrn.


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