Burning Seldoorn

The Arsenal of Brakavar

The band immediately went to work on the startled awake soldiers. Bryon stabbed one guard repeatedly. Broon and Althoras put a bolt and an arrow in a guard each, then rushed in and massacred the guards in another two bunk beds worth of guards. The wizard tried to blast the group with The Fear, only for the spell to go out of control. It ended up imprinting an unexpected aura of innocence on Bryon, the only person looking at the wizard at the time.

The wizard prepped a second spell, and as Althoras and Broon put down his two guards, Bryon dashed in, planted a dagger in the wizard, then gutted him thoroughly. Broon fell to checking pockets while Bryon recovered the keys to the locked, presumably arsenal, rooms.

In the meanwhile, Zackarias very thoroughly blocked off the two guard rooms, and began to haul everything burnable to the middle room to torch the place out.

The group opened up the armories, and found numerous crates of swords and light armor, as well as piles of arrows. In addition, a fairly sizable cache of enchanted orcish made weapons and arrows sat in the back of one of the rooms. They had similar runes to the ones presented by Mayor Mark Reimar.

As the two groups of guards trapped in the guard rooms was clearly getting suspicious, the party decided to deal with them. Zackarias went to repeatedly shard one group, forcing them to run in panic, only to be run down by the rest of the party. Bryon then asked for the surrender of the other group, who gave it being faced with a rather untennable situation.

Bryon and Broon returned to the city to get the Mayor to send a baggage train, and were introduced to his castellan Vinhold, who arranged to meet them the next night. He brought three carts, loaded the loot, and payed the group a fairly hefty sum and let Zackarias keep one sword and a quiver of arrows.

With that, the group considered their business here done.

Into the Depths of Brakavar

Zakarias and Broon convinced Fonroon quite thoroughly that he should share his maps and information, but in the end, would only allow Broon to peruse them. That was none the less enough information that the group could figure out roughly where in the old city the secret arsenal was housed.

In the meanwhile, a group of three toughs showed up at Old Millie’s, throwing Jenni through the door, and demanding to see the elf who owes them money. Bryan and Althoras immediately confront the toughs. The three of them pull weapons, and put up a lot of bravado. Eventually they push Bryan and Althoras far enough that Bryan starts launching daggers, while Althoras sings and starts slashing miscreants. Althoras guts two of them, and they try desperately to flee, aided by their compatriot with a dagger lodged in his shoulder. Bryan chases him down, insisting that his knife be returned, and tears it from his shoulder. Althoras pins one of the three, and demanded to know who the three were working for, and the tough insisted it was just for themselves. Althoras then let him go, life in exchange for a forgiveness of the debt.

The party regrouped, sorted out the maps, and decided to leave into the old city sooner rather than later, on account of the earlier fracas.

The crew trooped through the old city until Bryan brought the party up short at an intersection, with the signs of occupancy up ahead. He went ahead and investigated, to find an occupied guardroom with five guards, four of whom were playing cards, and one was on the lookout. With the rest of the party stalling for options, Bryan went ahead and found a secret passageway into the complex. He then led the group into the tunnel, at the end of which were some kitchen sounds. Bryan snuck in, and found himself in a room with 6 doors. One was open, with a kitchen and a cook… who Bryan assassinated at the insistence of his compatriots. He proceeded to the one room that he heard snoring behind, and moved to kill everyone. With the rest of the group ready, he moved in, but his first victim managed to make enough noise that the others in the room started waking up…

Deal with the Mayor

The party was getting ready to break camp, three men in cloaks interrupted them. They turned out to be the Mayor and two of his men at arms. The Mayor Mark Reimar asked to be addressed by first name, and quickly informed the party that he wanted them to engage in subterfuge on his behalf. He wanted them to secure Lord Dieg’s secret cache of weapons for him. He offered them an example, which Zakarias recognized as magical, enchanted to pierce armor by an Athanar mage Kenrian , and Althoras recognized as orcish in manufacture.

The party played unconvinced, at which point the Mayor indicated that he knew full well who they were. He offered them a fair lot of gold in exchange for their help, and made vague comments about knowing who his friends are. The party wanted a larger payment for their work, and wanted samples to return to Seldoorn. After a heated debate, the Mayor was rather harshly put in his place as to who the bigger players were on the field, and he conceded 10% of the value of the arsenal recovered and samples to take to Prime Rekfous.

He then set up the party at an out of the way inn, Old Millie’s, where he knew they would be well enough hidden from prying eyes. Althoras’ brother was also hidden here, and assigned a nurse, Jenni, the local apothecary’s apprentice.

Zakarias and Broon then hunted down Fonroon, and opened up a conversation with him about gaining the maps to the old dwarven tunnels.

Lord Dieg again

The party headed into town for some recon, when Althoras’ brother stumbled out in front of them. This coincidentally happened just as Lord Dieg and his entourage were making their way through the same square. Althoras’ brother, however, made the mistake of stumbling too close to the lordling, who appears to have been brewing up a nice new hatred for elves. He immediately calls for a sword, and boldly declares that he will put an end to the miserable pointy ear.

Althoras of course tries to intervene, but is not quite fast enough, and Dieg batters aside the drunk elf’s defenses and skewers him with his sword. Althoras enraged, attacks Dieg and his party. Dieg sufferes a bad cut across one arm, possibly maiming him. His men at arms move in on Althoras, while Zackarias and Broon begin to intervene with spells and menace from the background. Zackarias batters the guards with shards while Broon nearly cuts one in half.

In the meanwhile, Bryon DeVon gets involved. He pulls the Lady … aside, and works on her attitude towards Dieg. Bryon makes a convincing argument that perhaps Dieg is not an ideal suitor, given his apparent cowardice, cruelty, and ineptitude.

As Dieg’s men at arms cover his retreat, Dieg orders them to kill the elf that maimed him. Although they press the attack, Althoras holds them off. Bryon sidles up to Dieg, and whispers in his ear that perhaps continuing to fight is not the ideal move at this juncture. Lord Dieg is thoroughly shaken, and is convinced to call his men off, and beat a hasty retreat.

The party retreats from town, but they observe a small party of the Mayor and his men at arms simply observing from nearby.

At this point Bryon DeVon may or may not have sought out personal relations with the Lady … in order to make sure that Dieg’s plans to marry her fall through.

Return to Arlana, on to Brakavar

Hmm… Someone who remembers details should add them.

The party got information out of their one prisoner, who claimed to be working out of Zinnen, but on their own behest. The party largely interpreted this as a matter of Codhold interference in Mawhold territory. They then returned to Arlana with information about recent events.

Arlana was somewhat tempted to align herself with Seldoorn, but in the end, was looking to be more informed. She asked to be informed, while the party wanted resources. A very weak alliance was agreed to.

The party headed out from Mawhold, and decided to trek to Brakavar to look into the library there, as Zakarias wanted spells, while Broon wanted access to dwarven geneologies.

On their way, Althoras and Kenth tracked down a secret entrance to some complex, and carefully entered. They were confronted by some men at arms, and so the elves backed away form the cave. They lay in wait, and ended up tracking and capturing a courier leaving the secret base. The party learend very little from him, other than that there were perhaps 20 soldiers holed up inside, who had been getting regular shipments of indeterminate nature for a long time. Finally, the party agreed to give the courier safe passage to Seldoorn, and Kenth departed with him.

Scouting for Arlana

The party returned with Arlana to Mawhold, where they prepared to fulfill Althoras’ obligation to her to investigate the raids happening in the southern reaches of her holdings. Broon took the opportunity to by himself a rusty shiv, surplus from the quartermaster. He haggled the quartermaster down to a few silvers, and his deep desire to stab people surreptitiously ensured his success. Zacharias contemplated trying to trade his donkey for a riding horse but backed down from this plan.

Kenth took an interest in the Baroness, and arranged to meet her for wine and fruit. They discussed her worries for her station and her barony, and Kenth suggested that making friends of the elves may help her situation. Kenth also asked if she wished to send runners with them to carry messages back to her, and she assigned Remi, a young runner, to acompany the troup. Althoras and Broon interrupted the meeting, and made their own statements of gratitude. Althoras also made an overture asking the Baroness if she would house Lenora. The Baroness expressed her hesitance about the situation, feeling bad turning Lenora away, yet being fearful of further risking her political situation. She agreed to house her until Althoras’ group was done with their mission.

Kenth led the group to the southern areas of the Barony of Mawhold, but rather than find one of the already sacked villages, they ran straight into a village being ransacked in front of them. Kenth immediately strung his bow, and Althoras drew his blades. Kenth and Broon opened fire, dropping an attacker each, while Althoras and Zacharias stormed in. As they approached, Althoras and Zacharias could see that the attackers were a mix of orcs and humans. One group opened fire on Althoras and Zacharias, arrows slamming into the elf, who just barely survived a bad blow, and losing his blade in the process. Zacharias just dodged out of the way of an arrow, only to see it sweker his donkey through the skull. Zacharias’ shards and Althoras blade then made short work of the orcs, who sat stunned as Althoras sang the song of the blade. Kenth and Broon finished off the rest with arrow fire, except one, that Kenth specifically pinned to the ground with an arrow instead of killing.

In the aftermath, Broon spotted a particularly well crafted axe, clearly of dwarven make, and he immediately claimed it as his own, the fire of greed in his eyes.

Zacharias went into control mode, and with Althoras’ help organized the villagers into a butcher crew for the donkey, and a burial detail for the dead. By the end of the day, all the villagers and attackers were taken care of, and the villagers were traumatized but pulled together into a moderately functional group.

Kenth, in the meanwhile, tracked the bandits trail. After a half day journey, he tracked them back to a group of poorly hidden boats on the edge of the Rusty Run. On board he found a 15’ length of dwarven made chain, as well as a dwarven beard plate. He pressed hard to return to the rest of the group within the night. Kenth offered the beard plate as a gift to Broon, who promptly questioned what right of ownership Kenth claimed on the plate to gift it in the first place. And so the plate went into Kenth’s pack.

Broon then set to work interrogating two captives, an orc and a human. The battered prisoners told them that they were working our of Zinnen. running goods to Codhold. The human said they hired out the orcs as muscle, and were just trying to “make ends meet” with some raiding. Hearing this information, Zacharias decided to put all the orc captives to the sword… or rather, the hammer, and kept only the human alive.

The party then considered their next move.

The Wedding

The party accompanied the Baroness Arlana and her entourage to Codhold to the wedding of Lord Dieg and Lady Lenora. Of course the intention was to make as big a mess of the wedding as possible.

Kenth and Althoras spent the journey getting to know the Baroness’ company, and singing in the evenings to amuse the crowd. Zacharias spent the time trying to look more and more like an advisor and distance himself from the elves.

The party arrived in Codhold on the first day of the three day wedding celebration. The ceremony itself would be on the next day. Baroness Arlana presented herself Lord Dieg, and it quickly became evident that Lord Dieg was in love with her, and wished she was the one marrying him. The company was housed in the South Tower.

Broon pulled Councilor Neiree, one of Arlana’s handlers aside, and greased her palm with some coin, and the two ended up at a bar discussing Arlana’s and Dieg’s past. Arlana had been courted by all of Baron Delfuur’s sons, the bald and fat ones she loathed the most, but she did not care for Dieg either.

Zacharias and Althoras began hatching a complex plan to get the wedding cancelled. The plan was to frame Lord Dieg as having attempted to rape Baroness Arlana. Zacharias drafted a letter, purportedly from Arlana, to Dieg, asking him to come to her chambers at night to share a night of forbidden love. Kenth then snuck into the party, and surreptitiously delivered the note to Lord Dieg. Dieg was clearly excited.

Now Arlana and Lenora had to be set up for the rest of the plan. Kenth placed a bottle of wine spiked with sleeping draught in Arlana’s bedroom.

Althoras and Kenth then had to deliver instructions to Lenora. Lenora had a basic understanding of elven speech, and so the two elves sang again, this time to the wedding celebration, and delivered a message to Lenora to meet in secret with Althoras. Althoras told Lenora to be at Baroness Arlana’s chambers right after midnight, and the solution to her predicament would be clear.

Zacharias donned the stolen Codhold tabbard, and paraded through the kitchens to establish that a guard was nosing around Arlana’s food. He then burnt the tabbard.

Somehow Baroness Arlana had to be put to bed drugged. While Zacharias Broon and Althoras tried to hatch a plan, Kenth took things into his own hands. He found Arlana, and with application of some ugly truth incited her anger about the whole wedding. She got fairly drunk, and retired to her chambers. Kenth drank a last round with her and she passed out.

Kenth and Althoras then spent the rest of the evening singing in the wedding court. Broon was detailed to secure an escape route for Zacharias, while Zacharias snuck into the Baroness’ chamber to complete the illusion of her invitation to Dieg.

Dieg arrived, but was unconvinced by Zacharias gravely voiced invitation. He grabbed a torch and entered, only to be ambushed by Zacharias and a chair. Dieg soiled his pants, which Zacharias pulled down around his ankles, and pushed him on Arlana’s bed, while yelling for guards.

Broon, the Baroness’ councilors and a group of Mawhold men at arms stormed into the room. They threw Lord Dieg to the ground, and were ready to kill him. Broon egged on their murderous intent, while Zacharias told them it was unwise to kill the lord. Lenora showed up, and also pleased for Lord Dieg’s life. The calmer minds prevailed, and instead Dieg, and the rest of the company moved out into the courtyard where the Baron and Prime Rakfous were still celebrating.

In the court, Rekfous deferred to the Baron, it being the Baron’s court, and was not swayed by Zacharias’ interjection. Dieg demanded Zacharias be imprisoned immediately, while Zacharias maintained he was innocent and merely protecting Arlana. Dieg’s arguements proved to be weak, and although he got Zacharias ejected form the city, the wizard’s intentions were judged to be pure.

Althoras then stepped forward, and demanded the wedding be canceled on account of Dieg’s questionable actions. Dieg argued vehemently that an outsider like the elf has no standing, and that his person has been violate, but Althoras’ impassioned plea that Lenora’s and Arlana’s honors had been besmirched won out, and although Dieg was declared not culpable, the wedding was called off.

The next day Arlana awoke, and upon discovery of what transpired immediately sought the audience of the Baron. She returned angrier than she left, and immediately ordered everyone to pack up as they were returning to Mawhold right away.

Courting the Baroness

The party chased after the fleeing scouts they skirmished with, and Kenth quickly tracked them to the edge of a field of a nearby village. The scouts were desperately trying to save the life of their commander with no luck. Broon offered his help on the condition that they surrender. They accepted the terms, and Broon patched the scout leader back together.

Zacharias and Althoras confronted the two men not injured, and they admitted to having been sent by the Baron Codhold to track the group, and find out what they were planning. The two were bound, and led back to the scene of their earlier fight. While Zacharias acquired a wheelbarrow to carry the injured leader, the two others built a cairn for their fallen comrade under the watchful eye of Kenth. They almost tried to make a break for it, but were given no such chance.

The party decided to split up, Broon and Zacharias headed to Mawhold to deliver their prisoner, while Althoras and Kenth headed to Forgeville to round up Ron Soon.

Broon and Zacharias were most of the way to Mawhold when the one prisoner they didn’t have tied to the wheelbarrow made a running break for it. Zacharias hit him with shards until he stopped moving, and the one last prisoner now had to carry both of his compatriots. The captain of the guard at Mawhold was dubious, but Zacharias and Broon drowned out the captives pleas for safety, and the captain took the three as prisoners until the Baroness could deal with them.

Althoras and Kenth made their way to Forgeville, and found that the are was lousy with guards. They easily snuck past the them, and Kenth found a place to hide outside of the village while Althoras decided to investigate what was going on. A quick investigation and some innocent questions around the village turned up the information that Baroness Arlana was in town, hence all the guards.

Althoras sought out an audience with Baroness Arlana, who received him on account of him being an elf and all. He made an impassioned plea to her to accompany him to the wedding between Lord Dieg and Lady Lenora. Arlana’s advisors strongly opposed this plan, especially as there were pressing concerns in the barony. Althoras won out, but promised in turn to help with the mysterious raiders in the southern parts of the Barony of Mawhold.

Zacharias and Broon arrived in town shortly thereafter, and sought out audiences with the Baroness and Ron Soon respectively. Zacharias established himself as a willing aid to the Baroness, and made proper introduction of himself.

Broon approached Ron Soon, and asked him about his past and experiences in the Forge of Ragmir. Ron Soon asked Broon that he find out his personal lineage in exchange for the knowledge. Broon swore an oath to Ron that he would find what he could in the annals of dwarven history. Ron then told Broon of his experiences. He claimed to have found the anvil he now uses deep in the bowls of Ragmir’s Forge, where a dwarven spirit instructed him. He claimed to had to have fought of monsters and demons while under the mountain, and finally, the spirit could no longer protect him. He hauled what items he could from the forge, through many tunnels back out into the light, and fled from that place. Ron indicated that he does suspect that the place he found may have been one of the vaults Broon is looking for.

On the Road to Forgeville

On their way out of Codhold, Zacharias and Althoras ran into a carriage, from which Lenora jumped out, and ran to Althoras. She begged him to save her from her fate, but was interrupted by her chaperone, who told her that those betrothed are not to touch men. Lenora had been promised to wed Lord Dieg, the son of Baron Codhold. Althoras was stunned, and upset, while Zacharias immediately began scheming in his mind on how to turn this situation into an advantage.

Overnight, Kenth hid the tabard in Broon’s pack. On the way out of town, Kenth and Broon noticed that the guards appeared particularly vigilant. Kenth suggested they split up, and he headed towards the smaller gate out of town. The guards at that gate approached Kenth, and Kenth did not appreciate their rather crude speciesist approach. They demanded to be allowed to search his belongings, and he obliged. They were rooting through his things, frustrated, and couldn’t find what they were looking for. Their sergeant then dismissed them, and told the elf to be on his way.

Broon and Kenth caught up with Zacharias and Althoras rather quickly, as the two were now stuck on the roadside debating what to do. Althoras was adamant about rescuing Lenora, whose wedding was to be within the fortnight. While the dwarf, wizard and bladesinger debated, the scout decided to scout. And as it turned out, Kenth spotted a group of four men watching them trying to hide on a nearby hill. He hailed the group, and they retreated. Kenth informed the rest of the party of what was going on, and after some debate, Zacharias attempted to present himself and demand that they talk to him. They retreated. Kenth snuck up on them, and overheard that the leader was insisting on just watching as the Baron ordered, while one of the four was insisting on killing the party. When one of the group moved to check on the party, Kenth followed. He confronted the man, who immediately drew his blade, and behaved very confrontational. Kenth withdrew, and the man did not pursue.

The party finally decided to move on, and see if they continued to be followed. They were, for three days, into what they figured was Mawhold territory. At this point they decided to confront them at last. Kenth snuck up on their camp, but their guard never fell asleep. So finally, Althoras made a move, and tried to sneak into the camp. The guard heard him, and rushed to alert the rest of the group. The leader tried to keep the group focused on grabbing their gear and retreating, but Goddard, the one who wanted to kill the party to begin with, drew his blade and charged. Althoras’s shot with a bow went wide, and Goddard steamed into him full speed. Althoras sidestepped, and swung with his blade, but missed. Goddard had no further luck, as an arrow from Kenth sliced through his neck, and he dropped to the ground dead.

The rest of the scouts hunting the party tried to flee. Kenth and Broon took up firing positions, while Zacharias and Althoras rushed after them. Being a stealty group, the scouts made good headway away from the party, though Kenth and Broon had shots into the dark. Broon’s bolt found a mark, and he seriously injured the group’s leader as they made off into the night.

You must gather your party before venturing forth!

Our four adventurers met before the Prime of Seldoorn, who informed them of the task they are to complete. He said he wanted them to attack the Baroness Mawhold’s famed smith Ron Ironbeard Soon, and to make it look like the Baron Codhold was responsible. He said it would be nice if Ironbeard survived, and was returned to Rekfous’ service, but that would just be a bonus.

The party headed to Codhold to do some scouting. On the way, Kenth asked around in the caravan, and found out that there was some mysterious caravan runs from ZInnen to Codhold. Once in Codhold, the party worked on scouting the scene. Kenth visited the practice ground, finding a few archers and old Si one eye training the archers. Broon and (bladesinger) decided to try and get recruited into the army, to try and gauge the war-readyness of the Baron. They were approached, and made offers for try outs. The party decided to split up, with Zacharias and (bladesinger) heading out of town, while Broon and Kenth stayed behind to finish up some tasks.

Broon showed up to his, and was told to patch up some beat up soldiers. He asked for payment, and was laughed out of the infirmary. Kenth got one of the city archers drunk, and used taking him home as an excuse to get into the guard barracks. While in there, he grabbed a guard tabard, but was caught. Kenth outmaneuvered the guard, and ran down a bunch of alleys until the guard lost his trail.


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