Zacharius Baird

An intense, driven wizard


B1: Duchy of Seldoorn must continue support the Duke to do so

B2: Gather intel on Codhold’s military actions.

B3: Gain control of secret arsenal

I1: I caught unaware, hit them with shards.

I2: Be ruthless in accomplishing Seldoorn’s goals.


Zacharius is a tall, lean man well into his middle years. His brown hair and beard is run through heavily with a steel gray. He wears the traditional garb of the Gravians, a Mystic Order based out of Seldoorn. This includes heavy gray robes, cut from thick wool and featuring multiple layers. Zacharius has added his own touch to this clothing, well worn, thick leather straps cross his chest and circle his waist. These hold pouches and loops which contain numerous tools, including his mason’s hammer. Zacharius carries himself proudly, straight-backed and exuding confidence. His dark eyes and stone face can be off-putting to some, and his manner of speaking down to people he views as “common” is obvious.
Zacharius, born Zech, was born an orphan in the squalid, blighted slums of Seldoorn. Referred to as “the Runs” for multiple reasons, this section of the city was built long ago, a ruin of earlier inhabitants construction. It is the area that wanted criminals, the ostracized infected and unfortunate destitutes are forced to flee too.

Zacharius Baird

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