Ron "Ironbeard" Soon



Ron is a short stout man with treetrunks for arms, and a jovial glint in his eye. If he were any shorter or stouter, some might really believe he is actually a dwarf. He is ever the workaholic, and the metallic and burnt smell of the smithy clings to him always.


Ron grew up in one of the mining villages of Dragon’s Maw, until he was conscripted by a local lord who wanted to make himself famous by plunder the ruins of Grakumvar. Ron was dragged around from adventure to adventure as the camp armorer, until he was pressed into a journey into the depths of the dwarven city. He disappeared for years, and when he returned, he carried with him the pieces of an ancient dwarven forge, which now are the centerpiece of his business. He claims to have learned ancient dwarven secrets in the bowls of the city, claims to have wandered the halls of Ragmir’s Forge, and the fact that his smithing skills are unparalleled seems to support all this.

Ron is sought after both as a master by apprentices, and by those looking to acquire the finest mail and the sharpest blades in Seldoorn.

Ron "Ironbeard" Soon

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