Lord Dieg


Lord Dieg is the second son of Delfuur, the Baron Codhold. He is in line to succeed to the Lordship of Brakavar, but he needs to be married to do so. So far he’s had two courships interrupted, one with Lenora, Althoras’ human lover, and a second with the daughter of Baron Myrnhold. In the meanwhile, in truth, Lord Dieg yearns for the Baroness Arlana. This hope, however, has been mostly ruined, as he was framed as having tried to drug and rape her.

Lord Dieg has developed a deep loathing for elves, and this also managed to get him into a direct


B1: Elves are a plague on this land. Their time is past. They meddled in my affairs one too many times.
B2: Arlana is the love of my life. I will prove myself to her.
B3: The daughter of Myrnhold was the key to my ascendance in Brakavar. I will have revenge for the interference in my courtship.

Lord Dieg

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