Delfuur, Baron Codhold



Delfuur is a man who has gotten used to his wealth. He is a fat man, in his middle years, used to wearing the finery of his station. He is business through and through, and has little time for anything that isn’t putting coins in his coffers. Unlike the rest of the prominent nobility, Delfuur is a well known and outspoken Penzian, and although still a modest temple, the greatest temple to Penz in Seldoorn was built in Codhold in the last decade by Delfuur.


It is well known that Delfuur grew up in a wealthy but minor noble family in the holds of the previous Baron Codhold. He had risen to prominence as an extraordinary businessman when the old Baron unexpectedly passed away. The old line was fallow, and after a brief struggle of succession, Delfuur was named Baron by Rekfous. This relationship, the gossip goes, has since soured.

Delfuur, Baron Codhold

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