Broon Kurgazsson



  1. “A great hero is mighty, but an army is even more so…” My quest for Ragmir’s Forge will have a better change of succeeding with as much help as possible. Try to persuade/motivate other party members to head in that direction.
  2. “The stagecoach travels wherever is desired of the person who pays the driver”. Having a hefty coin pouch to buy or bribe the needs of the party will empower me to steer the direction of the party’s next steps. I must strive to increase my available funds to wield this influence.


  1. To IronBeard: I will find out about his heritage, while keeping this information secret from all others.
  2. To Althoras: I will assist him in his commitment to Baroness Arlana and clear the villages to the South of Mawhold, which the understanding that he will assist me in my quest to Ragmir’s Forge.

Future Oath/Belief

  1. There may be a vault at Ragmir’s Forge. I must convince the party to accompany me there.


  1. Always be armed and armored.
  2. “Always consider defense first…” (I always keep a stance/location towards the back of the party and/or in the safe/location from the subject of our attention)
  3. Any time money is inovlved haggle haggle haggle

Have you heard of Gomin Hammerbeard? Eh, I wouldn’t think you had. He’s an ancient dwarven lord that conquered the great eastern mountains of Gerrath, establishing the great Kingdom of Asaleth . His power and wealth were immeasurable. In fact, his wealth was so great, that he built outposts near many cities and strongholds throughout the known world to facilitate trade and the sale of the highly desired crafts, armor, and weapons produced in Asaleth. Many of these outposts contained secret vaults to store the treasure of trade and, some have said, even portions of the vast treasure of Asaleth, as it was too great to all store in the Kingdom itself! As the kingdom quickly collapsed from the Great Plague instigated by the evil sorcerer Acras, the outposts were abandoned for fear of spreading the plague. The knowledge of the outposts, and much of the Kingdom, quickly went from reality to memory, from memory to history, and from history to legend… The locations of many of these vaults have been lost to time. And a righteous and valiant dwarf may yet find one, with the massive wealth contained within sufficient to found a host of new cities and strongholds.

After the discovery of an outpost in the forest of Qyst near the dwarven city of Khalgolir, the myth of the Asaleth Kingdom and its fabled vaults were brought back to reality! Rumors started to spread of a quest to go forth and find the lost outposts, and bring their supposed treasures back to Khalgolir. A host began to gather in Khalgolir under the leadership of Prince Grutmin Broadstone. Grutmin was well known as a strong and courageous leader, and his reputation brought credibility to the quest.

This is where my story begins. As a scholar in the dwarven city of Khalgolir, I was very familiar with the tales of Gomin, though unlike the other scholars, I had always believed the stories to be more truth then bedtime musings for small children. I spent many a moons studying all materials I could find on Asaleth.

As a scholar of Khalgolir, I am more accustomed to deciphering scrolls than battling the dark wretches this world harbors, but on this quest all hands must be prepared for battle! I trained with axe and arbelast, but my value is not at the front of the company. I tutored under a battle khikurgeon in Khalgolir so that when we set out on our conquest, I could do all within my power to keep our host strong and battle ready. But none of us could anticipate the challenges we would face!

We set off 30 years ago on our conquest; the host at that point over 200 strong! Our quest took us to many places, but our determination was unwavering. We battled a horde of orcs in the mountains of Dohq when we found the first output. Many dwarves lost their lives in that battle, for us to only discover that the vault had been looted long ago. In the forest of Togh in Ytre, we found our second outpost. The vault within the outpost, while vast in size, contained only a small amount of treasure. However, the records in the vault made mention of transferring much of the gold and jewels to another vault to the north.

As the host travelled back to Khalgolir to resupply and recruit more men, some of the weaker men than had been injured during previous battles began to get sick. It was a sickness I had never seen before, and nothing Khalgolir or I did could stop it from claiming the lives of the injured or weak. Then, it started to spread to the uninjured, the strong, and those that should not have fallen ill. As we approached Khalgolir, we found the gates locked, and the garrison refusing us entrance. Word had already reached the city of the sickness present within the host, and they believed us to have released the Great Plague at the last outpost. All of the host, including Prince Grutmin, were banished from all lands of Khalgolir for fear of what disease may be amongst us.

Forsaken by our home, we headed back towards Ytre. But weak, with minimal supplies and winter upon us, we were no match for the disease ravaging the host. How does one fight what one cannot see, or hit with an axe? Eventually, Prince Grutmin became ill. Before he lost his battle to the evil force destroying the host, he disbanded the last dozen of us to find our last fortunes on our own.

That was 27 years ago. I have never experienced any of the symptoms of the disease, nor any other ill effects from the conquest. Nor have I heard any news or stories of the last of our company.

I headed north, with a goal of finding the location of the outpost mentioned in the previous vault’s records. This eventually led me to Seldoorn. After years of petitions to Prime Rekfous for access to the library of Seldoorn, he made an offer to me that I felt resigned to accept. In exchange for performing certain “jobs” for him, some that others would not willingly take on, others that he would prefer not be widely publicized, he would grant me access to certain sections of the Seldoorn library. What information I’ve been granted access to only makes me crave further access within the library.

This is where fate brings me today…

Broon Kurgazsson

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