Arlana, Baroness Mawhold



Arlana is young woman bred to be tough, and trained to fight. Arlana is soft spoken, and comes off as timid, but a blunt determination is evident in all things she does.


B1: My court thinks I am weak because I am young and a woman. I must prove them all wrong.
B2: The people of Dragon’s Maw are the heart of Seldoorn. I will seek to protect them at all cost.
B3: I know there is a power struggle brewing. I can not afford to embroil my land in a war, and must stay neutral.

I1: Always wear my armor.
I2: Never argue with those below my station.
I3: Never leave Mawhold alone.


Will B4PowerB3Agility B5
Perception B4Forte B4Speed B6


Health B5Reflex B5Circles B2
Steel B4Mortal Wound B9Resources BX

Riding B2
Read B2
Knives B2
Oratory B2
Write B2
Command B4
Sword B4
Conspicuous B2
Shield Training
Armor Training


Arlana is the third child of the old Baron of Mawhold. The old Baron had a particularly bad run of luck, as his eldest daughter fled Seldoorn to Ytre with a charming young swashbuckler, his second child, a son has become addled in the brain due to a fever in his late teens, and then to bring all things to an unfortunate conclusion, his fourth child, his named successor for the last few years, died in an ambush by bandits. So in a matter of a year and a half, almost his entire line was wiped out. The old Baron has gone mad with grief, and in this state, he abdicated and the mantle of leadership was thrust upon Arlana.

Arlana was trained from childhood as a squire. She was expected to be a battle captain in the Baron’s guard, and little diplomatic skills were imparted onto the girl. She took well to her training, and had little interest in the finer aspects of being nobility. Her court today is spartan, and many of her courtesans are much discomforted by her attitude. Her no nonsense approach, however, has endeared her both to the craftsmen and the miners. Arlana is a devout Agran worshipper.

Arlana, Baroness Mawhold

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