Burning Seldoorn

The Arsenal of Brakavar

The band immediately went to work on the startled awake soldiers. Bryon stabbed one guard repeatedly. Broon and Althoras put a bolt and an arrow in a guard each, then rushed in and massacred the guards in another two bunk beds worth of guards. The wizard tried to blast the group with The Fear, only for the spell to go out of control. It ended up imprinting an unexpected aura of innocence on Bryon, the only person looking at the wizard at the time.

The wizard prepped a second spell, and as Althoras and Broon put down his two guards, Bryon dashed in, planted a dagger in the wizard, then gutted him thoroughly. Broon fell to checking pockets while Bryon recovered the keys to the locked, presumably arsenal, rooms.

In the meanwhile, Zackarias very thoroughly blocked off the two guard rooms, and began to haul everything burnable to the middle room to torch the place out.

The group opened up the armories, and found numerous crates of swords and light armor, as well as piles of arrows. In addition, a fairly sizable cache of enchanted orcish made weapons and arrows sat in the back of one of the rooms. They had similar runes to the ones presented by Mayor Mark Reimar.

As the two groups of guards trapped in the guard rooms was clearly getting suspicious, the party decided to deal with them. Zackarias went to repeatedly shard one group, forcing them to run in panic, only to be run down by the rest of the party. Bryon then asked for the surrender of the other group, who gave it being faced with a rather untennable situation.

Bryon and Broon returned to the city to get the Mayor to send a baggage train, and were introduced to his castellan Vinhold, who arranged to meet them the next night. He brought three carts, loaded the loot, and payed the group a fairly hefty sum and let Zackarias keep one sword and a quiver of arrows.

With that, the group considered their business here done.


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