Burning Seldoorn

Into the Depths of Brakavar

Zakarias and Broon convinced Fonroon quite thoroughly that he should share his maps and information, but in the end, would only allow Broon to peruse them. That was none the less enough information that the group could figure out roughly where in the old city the secret arsenal was housed.

In the meanwhile, a group of three toughs showed up at Old Millie’s, throwing Jenni through the door, and demanding to see the elf who owes them money. Bryan and Althoras immediately confront the toughs. The three of them pull weapons, and put up a lot of bravado. Eventually they push Bryan and Althoras far enough that Bryan starts launching daggers, while Althoras sings and starts slashing miscreants. Althoras guts two of them, and they try desperately to flee, aided by their compatriot with a dagger lodged in his shoulder. Bryan chases him down, insisting that his knife be returned, and tears it from his shoulder. Althoras pins one of the three, and demanded to know who the three were working for, and the tough insisted it was just for themselves. Althoras then let him go, life in exchange for a forgiveness of the debt.

The party regrouped, sorted out the maps, and decided to leave into the old city sooner rather than later, on account of the earlier fracas.

The crew trooped through the old city until Bryan brought the party up short at an intersection, with the signs of occupancy up ahead. He went ahead and investigated, to find an occupied guardroom with five guards, four of whom were playing cards, and one was on the lookout. With the rest of the party stalling for options, Bryan went ahead and found a secret passageway into the complex. He then led the group into the tunnel, at the end of which were some kitchen sounds. Bryan snuck in, and found himself in a room with 6 doors. One was open, with a kitchen and a cook… who Bryan assassinated at the insistence of his compatriots. He proceeded to the one room that he heard snoring behind, and moved to kill everyone. With the rest of the group ready, he moved in, but his first victim managed to make enough noise that the others in the room started waking up…


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