Burning Seldoorn


The events in Brakavar concluded, the party went their separate ways. Bryon returned to his home to work on expanding his farrier/information business, and Althoras returned to the elven court to deal with his brother.

Broon spent some time with the dwarves of Brakavar and finishing his research on Ron Soon’s heritage. He also spent time training with his axe, and picking up some finer personal skills. Being overly frugal, his assets none the less suffered from his loss of connections and many patients of his khirurgey having sought new doctors.

Zacharius dove into research on magic back with an old teacher, Venhorf the Wise. Venhorf agreed to teach Zacharius the spell turn aside the blade, for the appropriate fees of course. With help, Zacharius found the funds, and in record time completed first reading of turn aside the blade as well as mage light. With all this time devoted to studying, Zacharius’ finances were also left suffering.

After a few months respite, Zacharius and Broon were summoned to a meeting with Prime Rekfous. They were met in the war council chamber, which was decorated with maps from around the Province. Present were the Captain of the Guard, Viktor, Master of Coin Lukas, and the Seneschal of Seldoorn City, Lorne. Zacharius mused over the maps a little too obviously, and Captain Viktor was clearly becoming annoyed at his tarrying. Rekfous told Zacharius and Broon that there was a situation, that perhaps they were better equipped to handle, given their recent experiences, and handed the floor to Viktor.

Viktor explained that the captain of the wharves watch was murdered, found with a pair of arrows in his back, orcish make, human enchanted. He then sent his best investigator, a sergeant, to investigate, who turned up with a similar dagger in his back within a few days. Viktor is loath to send more of his men to investigate someone murdering people with enchanted weapons, as he thinks he might actually be a little out of his depth.

Zacharius and Broon argued that perhaps some funding might be appropriate, and the Master of Coin informed them that a small fund has been set aside for them to conduct their investigation. Zacharius requested the arrowheads from Viktor, who rather dismissively flicked them in his direction. Although Broon was hoping someone would provide them with some sort of a situation report on the wharves, Lorne responded that he could answer what questions they had, but there had been no cause to keep a spymaster looking over going ons there. He volunteered his knowledge, but little else.

Having been briefed, the pair headed down to the wharves to see what the scene was like. They evaluated the wharves, with a dozen or so piers, and a score or so ships, most of which were relatively small fishing craft. A few medium size caravels were also docked, and a larger ship was moored in the harbor.

They also noted that the docks were patrolled more buy out of uniform men rather than city guard. Finally they headed to one of the local watering holes, picking the Northern Bell Tavern over the Southern Docks Tavern. A group of the wharves guards took issue with their ‘creeping around’ on the docks, and were itching to start a fight. Since Broon couldn’t intimidate them into backing off, Zacharias hit them with shards. This sent most of them running except one, who then was promptly smashed over the head with a staff, and dragged out of the bar by the duo.


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