Burning Seldoorn

Fracas on the Wharf

The brave duo decided to set up a sting operation for the Zinnen Zephyr, and so began a search on the market for a good spyglass. The jewelry dealer in fact had a very fine dwarven spyglass, which Broon decided he must aquire. He went into negotiation mode, and noted all the flaws on the instrument, while Zacharius pointed out that it clearly must be stolen. Finally, the storekeeper caved, and lowered his price on the fine spyglass. Broon mustered up all his financial assets, and with his burning greed payed for the dwarven heirloom.

Broon, Zacharius and Jorgen set up their surveillance on top of Broon’s house, from where they could see the ship fairly well with the spyglass. Keeping constant watch, they determined the crew and their routines. There were six crew plus the captain, one of whom appeared to be an orc who only came above deck at night. They always had one guard on deck, who always seemed attentive, but most of the crew tended to go into town during the day.

Then they noticed one evening that a Roden boarded the ship, and went into the aftcastle for several hours. Later, the Roden departed aboard a rowboat manned by the orc and one of the human crew. The group was debating whether to try to report what they observed to Viktor or to simply go and assault the ship, or some other approach to the situation, when Jurgen noticed that something was afoot. The remaining crew were clearly readying the ship to sail, and they’d be ready to depart by the morning. That pushed the case for the group to make an assault right now. They made a Molotov cocktail for Jurgen, then headed out.

Broon stealthily approached the area, and took up a sniping position on an adjacent dock, while Jurgen and Zacharius approached the Zinnen Zephyr. Jurgen threw his Molotov cocktail, only to have the burning fluids splash back at him and set him on fire. The captain of the Zephyr, Orgunn, was nearly unfazed, and charged at Zacharius. Zacharius blasted him with shards, only to make minor injuries across Orgunn’s chest. Broon engaged in a sniping match with the two other crew, who both ended up with sucking chestwounds generated by crossbow bolts. Zacharius took a brief moment as Orgunn reeled from one of his shards to shove Jurgen into the water to put him out, then in a titanic struggle was nearly overcome by the half-orc captain. In the end, Zacharius managed to shove the captain into the drink as well… and as he turned about to depart, was confronted by Ted and a cohort of the wharf guard.

An altercation between Zacharius, the wharf guard, and Orgunn followed, Orgunn trying to murder Zacharius, the guard trying to prevent that but arrest Zacharius, and the wizard simply trying to get out of the situation. Amidst the confusion, Zacharius managed to shove his way out of the crowd on the far side, and with Jurgen fled from the wharves. Broon just snuck away in the shadows. Jurgen evaluated the Zephyr as now being incapable of setting sail, so the group grabbed supplies at Broon’s, then disappeared into the Runs to try and find out where the roden may have gone.


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