Burning Seldoorn

Deal with the Mayor

The party was getting ready to break camp, three men in cloaks interrupted them. They turned out to be the Mayor and two of his men at arms. The Mayor Mark Reimar asked to be addressed by first name, and quickly informed the party that he wanted them to engage in subterfuge on his behalf. He wanted them to secure Lord Dieg’s secret cache of weapons for him. He offered them an example, which Zakarias recognized as magical, enchanted to pierce armor by an Athanar mage Kenrian , and Althoras recognized as orcish in manufacture.

The party played unconvinced, at which point the Mayor indicated that he knew full well who they were. He offered them a fair lot of gold in exchange for their help, and made vague comments about knowing who his friends are. The party wanted a larger payment for their work, and wanted samples to return to Seldoorn. After a heated debate, the Mayor was rather harshly put in his place as to who the bigger players were on the field, and he conceded 10% of the value of the arsenal recovered and samples to take to Prime Rekfous.

He then set up the party at an out of the way inn, Old Millie’s, where he knew they would be well enough hidden from prying eyes. Althoras’ brother was also hidden here, and assigned a nurse, Jenni, the local apothecary’s apprentice.

Zakarias and Broon then hunted down Fonroon, and opened up a conversation with him about gaining the maps to the old dwarven tunnels.


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