Burning Seldoorn

Altercations Port Side

Zacharius and Broon dragged their captive, Ted, off into an abandoned building in the Runs, and set about interrogating him about goings on in the port. He did not seem to have too much hidden information, and readily told them about ships, and that the ship in the harbor was somewhat sketchy, but nothing too out of the ordinary. He got a bit secretive around why the harbor master, Gabor, hired them, but in the end, Broon got him to admit that the city guard abandoned the wharves after the murder of their captain, and Master Gabor had to hire on someone to keep order. There were 15~20 of the guards, headed by Master Gabor’s personal bodyguard Old Mac. Ted also told them that there was a cave up the Rusty Run where smugglers are rumored to run goods. He also made comments about how Roden may be involved in that bit of business. Zacharius and Broon then decided to make Ted a friend, and install him as a spy among Master Gabor’s organization. Broon scournged up the money to pay him some significant coin, and the duo convinced Ted to relay back any useful information on illicit trading

After the all night bender of interrogation, Broon and Zacharius headed down to the wharves to see if they could round up a former captain of some sort to act as a guide and guard in their on going investigation. Zacharius ended up leading the pair to the Southern Docks Tavern, where they came across a Captain Jorgen, who was already three or four ales into his day at noon. They bought the man another, and some food, and found out a bit about his past, and that he was not currently employed or in possession of a ship. Zacharius managed to convince the erstwhile captain to come along and help them out.

The next point of order was to see if they could get some information from Master Gabor. The trio tromped into the Wharfmaster’s Office. As they stepped in, a bandaged up man and a one eyed grizzled veteran looking figure concluded a conversation with the bandaged man pointing at Broon and Zacharius indicating they had been the ones to injure him. Seeing a ledger before the clerk in the office, Zacharius just grabbed it, and tried to make off with it. The clerk, though nervous, grabbed on to the ledger, and held it fast, eventually the whole book tearing in half in the struggle. Old Mac drew his sword, and demanded Zacharius and Broon pay recompense for injuring his men, and clear out of the office. Zacharius yelled back, and demanded Old Mac help his investigation instead by providing records on harbor traffic. Neither side was getting anywhere with their argument, so finally Old Mac just began stabbing with his sword. He grazed across Zacharius’ chest, with just enough help from Broon to not get badly hurt. In response Zacharius blasted the man with shards, and practically gutted him. Old Mac collapsed on the ground bleeding, his guardsman jumped out the window and dove into the bay, while the clerk just shook in terror. Zacharius demanded the ledgers, which the clerk let him have, and the trio departed with the books. They returned to Broon’s house to analyse the recent harbor traffic.

Zacharius and Jurgen pored over the ledgers from the docks and came to the conclusion that the ship they were suspecting is just on the edge of suspicious, but that another ship, the Zinnen Zephyr, that had never made any long calls at port before, has suddenly dropped anchor over a month ago with no declared cargo, and hasn’t taken anything on, moved anything off, or made any repairs… overall looking very suspicious. Finally they decided to take a well deserved rest… only for the city guard to show up for them in the morning.

The guard demanded that Zacharius and Broon accompany them to the magistrate. Broon convinced them to come inside momentarily, but refused breakfast, and insisted that everyone move along. They remained polite, but stern. The duo was escorted to the magistrate, but to their luck, Bryon DeVon was waiting to accompany them inside. Master Gabor and several of his men were waiting inside. Master Gabor had apparently already made a case to the magistrate, and the magistrate said that only as a courtesy to the Prime were Broon and Zacharius being heard out. Bryon, however, pointed out that they were being accused of injuring someone who apparently had no proper last name, and that several errors in the paperwork filed on the topic were clearly not in order. On the basis of that technicality, the magistrate was forced to acknowledge that in fact the case was null and void, and Zach and Broon were free to go.


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